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Remotes and Openers

At Specialized Garage Door, we have a range of garage door openers, remote controls and accessories to suit your needs. Our Superlift products have been manufactured using the latest design and innovation to suit both new and existing garage doors.

Superlift Openers are the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the Australian garage door and automation industry developing one of the most reliable and efficient Garage Door Opener ranges on the market.. Explore the range below.

Roller Door Openers

Sectional Tilt Door Opener SDO-5

5 Year Warranty

We now have two versions of the SDO-5. A 1000N motor and for those larger heavy doors we now have a 1200N version. With extra brackets in the kit your installer will have more options for mounting your new opener in the best way possible.

Both the 1000N and 1200N DC motors are very quiet. The digital display and setup buttons are now all hidden away inside a special cover, giving the SDO-5 a sleaker more modern look. And now with our new LED lighting, you will have plenty of light in your dark garage at night.

  • Advanced Safety

    Superlift utilises the latest in automatic safety technology. SDO-5 will detect an obstruction, stop and reverse the door. Enhance the safety of your home with our optional Photo Electric Beams; perfect for children and pets.

  • Dual Speed

    Everyone enjoys a little more time. SDO-5 is speedy and smooth to get you home faster. For older tilt doors the speed can be reduced to help prevent wear and tear.

  • Belt Drive

    Our steel reinforced belt is quiet but without compromising strength.

  • More Power

    The standard SDO-5 is a very powerful 1000N, capable of operating most garage doors with ease. For the larger and heavier doors on the market we also provide a robust 1200N model to ensure the job is done right.

  • The Right Fit

    SDO-5 comes with three standard rail lengths (3.3m, 3.6m, 3.9m) to fit any garage door up to 3 metres in height. Extension kits are also available for those unique openings. Our rails can also be cut down easily for J-Type tilt door installations.

  • Advanced Features

    SDO-5 is packed with modern features you should expect from a garage door opener. Bluetooth connectivity to your smart phone, auto-close and a pre-set service warning are just some of those available.

  • Key Features

  • Modern design

  • Quiet and powerful

  • Bright LED courtesy light

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Battery backup

Included Accessories

  • 2 Remote Controls
  • 1 Wireless Wall Remote


  • Omgate Bluetooth Receiver for use with your smart phone
  • Battery Backup for when the power is out
  • Hand Transmitter
  • Wireless Keypads
  • Wireless wall switches
  • Universal Receivers
  • Photo Electric Safety Beams (PE Beams)

Sectional Door Openers

Roller Door Opener RDO-4
Key Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Powerful but quiet DC motor will open and close your roller door with easey
  • Sturdy metal chassis construction
  • Limits and safety force are electronically adjusted for greater accuracy and safety
  • Bright LED courtesy lights are activated each time you operate your door, providing safe access into your garage at night
  • Soft start and Soft stop to reduce noise and wear and tear on your door
  • Easy to use manual release mechanism

Included Accessories

  • 2 Remote Controls
  • 1 Wireless Wall Remote
  • 1 Weight Bar


  • Omgate Bluetooth Receiver for use with your smart phone
  • Battery Backup for when the power is out
  • Wireless Security Keypads
  • Universal Receivers
  • Photo Electric Safety Beams

Garage Door Remote Controls

Superlift Garage Door Remote Controls

Our Superlift garage door remote controls feature the latest in Microchip Hopping Cde KEELOQ technology to ensure that your garage door is secure and protected from being copied or scanned. All garage door openers come standard with two remote controls.

Wireless Keypad

Superlift Wireless Keypad

Our Superlift Wireless Keypad allows operation of your garage door through the use of secure 4 digit pin code, an ideal device that allows access for your kids and the people you trust.

Garage Wall Switch

Superlift Wall Remote

The Superlift Wall Remote allows you to control and set a range of functions for your garage door, providing added convenience and advanced management of your sectional or roller garage door.

All garage door openers come standard with one Wall Remote.

Obstacle Detection System

Superlift Obstacle Detection System

The Superlift Obstacle Detection System provides added safety and peace of mind. The system can immediately detect an obstruction by transmitting a light beam across the width of the garage door opening. If the beam is broken, the garage door will reverse its direction before impacting the obstruction.