Easy Ways To Soundproof Your Garage in Perth

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A garage is always noisy. Frankly, it’s sacred ground for those fond of playing and listening to music. I hope you’re familiar with the fact that the amount of noise that a garage can absorb, can be rarely absorbed by any other place in a house. 

A garage is also one of the important places in your home. You might be wondering about how a garage could be an important place; right? 

Well, let me clarify it to you; okay? 

As you already know, a garage is usually large and open. And you can store a lot of things over there. Moreover, if you are a music lover, you can also store & play a variety of musical instruments like drums, pianos, violins or even guitars. 

Doesn’t that make your garage a perfect place to enjoy your musical instruments? 

If yes, why don’t you upgrade it? 

You might be wondering about how you could upgrade it; right? 

Well, that said, there are a lot of ways of upgrading your garage. Do you wanna find out the easiest one? 


Well, let me tell you then. 

The easiest way to upgrade your garage is to make it soundproof. 

Yes, you read that right; ‘SOUNDPROOF’. 

If you live in a society and still want to keep enjoying your hobbies of playing a variety of musical instruments like pianos, drums, guitars and violins and many more, your garage is the perfect place. All that you need to do is simply make it soundproof.

Wondering about the tips to soundproof your garage in Perth?

Keep going through this blog. Here, I’ve collected some of the best tips that will surely help you make your garage soundproof easily and effectively.


The reason for making a garage soundproof might differ from person to person. Some might want to do so to do pass time on their hobbies while a few others would do so to protect their relatives and neighbours from the noisy disturbance caused due to the metallic tinkling and replacement of different things inside the garage. 

Anyways, whatever the reason; one that comes to be the biggest issue is the budget required for making the garage soundproof. Can you make your garage soundproof until and unless you do have a well-planned & sufficient budget? 

Not ever. 

Despite this, let me tell you that no matter if you have a very low amount in your budget, you can still soundproof your garage efficiently and effectively. Wanna explore how that can be possible? 

Keep going through the points given below; okay? Here, I’ve listed some of the best methods to soundproof your garage. I bet you these five points will make your garage completely soundproof with very little effort.

Soundproof All the Windows of the Garage

I’m sure that you do have a very good knowledge of the fact that windows do have the capacity to release more energy in comparison to the walls of any garage or room. Can you just guess why does it happen so? 

No idea? 

Mention not. Let me tell you why it happens so. 

Well, it’s all because of the difference in their thickness. Windows; in comparison to doors; do have less thickness. Also, the next reason is that they don’t insulate the same way as the doors are.

Despite this, there are many reasons why one would want a window in his/her room. And that may differ from maintaining the flow of fresh air to getting natural light of the sun during the daytimes. 

And for the music-lovers like you who; most-often does have bands; are; naturally the night-light performers. Also, I’m sure you would rather want no visible window in your garage; right? 

This is your pull-point to make your garage soundproof at a very low budget. Simply close all the windows of your garage. While doing so, it’d be even better if you place bricks on the frame of the windows, at the same time. 

Soundproof All the Walls of the Garage

You might have heard or not but it’s a truth that even the window blankets and curtains capture the noise to a greater extent. This is why most of the recording studios do have lots of cheap devices that are soundproof. And a soundproof curtain can be one of the best examples of such things.

Soundproof Room, Irregular, Wall

Such noise-resistant curtains create a more confined and contained environment that helps make the surrounding even better for recording. 

Let me tell you that the curtains that the recording studios use as a measure to absorb extra reverberation, do contain a type of material that is soundproof. Let me tell you that such curtains absorb sound through the threads that they are made-up of. 

Despite this, you should also know that simply using such curtains won’t be enough to make your garage completely soundproof. You can install more such curtains around the open-space. Guess why? 

Because of the truth that doing so will help you in lowering the amount of the volume leaving the exterior. 

 Still, if you want an even more noise-absorbent environment, you can install acoustic blankets and tiles on the walls of your garage. All that you’ll have to bear is a high cost. 

Soundproof the Garage Door

The only moving part of the entire room – a garage door; adds a star to the environment of the whole garage. And this is the very reason why most of the bands consider adding a door to their garages. Moreover, doing so also prevents the sound from disturbing the environment outside the garage. 

In this context, the use of acoustic blankets or moving blankets is found to be the most-effective solution for sound-proofing a garage. Guess why? 

It’s all because of the material used in its production; the fibreglass or a similar type of material. It has a very high capacity for absorbing sounds. And this is the very reason these materials work well on a variety of doors and other movable parts of a room or garage by preventing the sound from passing-out from one side of the room to the other. 

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The other reason why acoustic blankets are admired more in comparison to any other material for sound-proofing is that they also allow the owners of the garages to move their doors easily at the same time while performing as a barrier against sounds. 

Despite these many benefits of using acoustic blankets as a barrier against sound, there also exists a problem. Can you guess what that problem might be? 

No idea? 

Mention not. Let me tell you; okay? 

Well, the problem with acoustic blankets in terms of using them as a sound-barrier is that they are mostly sold in large cuts. Due to this reason, such blankets require a bit of space so that they can be cut into appropriate sizes and installed well. 

Still, if that seems to be costly and time-consuming, it’s better to install the moving blankets. Moreover, these blankets are thicker than regular blankets. 

Soundproof the Ceiling

Now, that you’ve got the walls and the doors of your garage covered, it’s time to focus on the ceiling. In case you forget to soundproof the ceiling, you can’t make your garage completely sound-proof. 

It’s true that sounds; mostly, leak horizontally, yet, ceilings also need to be taken into consideration when attempting to make a garage completely soundproof. 

These days, there are soundproof tiles and foam panels, too. These materials are considered to be the solutions for making the ceilings soundproof. Let me tell you that these foam panels are cut into wedge or pyramid shapes before they are placed into tiles. Once you install it, you’ll find that the foam panels are very much effective in reducing the amount of noise. 

Soundproof the Floors

This step is the easiest one of all the steps in-order to making a garage soundproof. Here, all that you need to do is simply lay down something hard but hollow on the cement floors. Let me tell you that the floors made up of cement create a loud echo in any room where the sounds get bounced-off.

This is the reason why the floors of garages don’t always need to be fancy. Rather, you can consider installing something cheaper; one that is very much like an old carpet. 

In case if you’re trying to find something that is hearty and resilient, it’s better that you try finding thicker carpets; especially, those that are designed for the boat-decks, patios, patches, etc. 

soundproof carpet

Try Making A Room Inside A Room

Although not mandatory but you can try this method if you have a neighbour who wants no disturbance at all or if there are people who call the police for creating unnecessary disturbances. Here, the word ‘room inside a room’ has been mostly used by musicians for almost over a decade. And this technique; in reality; is utilized by modern studios.

Here, all that you need to do is simply make a new room inside the garage utilizing one of its four walls. Let me tell you that here, you don’t need to seal the room anywhere by closing any of its corners. All that you need to do is simply create some additional sound barriers inside the room from all four sides that seems as if it’s a room inside the garage. 

In one way, this method is based on the fact, ‘the more, the better’. Moreover, you can also try adding drywall or fibreglass to soundproof your garage. 

Now, that you’ve found out several ways of soundproofing your garage in Perth, I hope you, too, want to soundproof your garage; right?

If yes, are you wondering about the total costs? 

Mention not. Simply visit Specialized Garage Door or find us on Facebook to get a quote for your project in Perth. I bet you’ll get the best value for your investment.